Apo Island Diving

3D Diving operates trips to Apo Island everyday from Black Diamond Resort. Our spacious, well equipped and well maintained banca boat departs at 8am every morning for up to three scuba dives on the world famous Apo Island. More information on Apo Island dive sites here. The vessel returns to the resort between 4 and 5pm.

The vessel will visit, depending on conditions, three different dive sites on the Island for Scuba Diving and  snorkeling. The Apo Island trip is perfect for Families. Guests of all levels of experience in diving and snorkeling can visit and dive the beautiful Apo Island. You can dive while your family and/or friends snorkel and enjoy the sights of Apo Island.

Incredible fields of pristine hard and soft corals, immeasurable schools of reef fish and lots of turtles all located in shallow water, perfect for snorkelers, await the guests of our Apo Island Trips. We have Trained Divemasters on the boat that can provide instruction on snorkeling techniques and can, at an extra cost, provide guided snorkeling tours.

Lunch and snacks are provided throughout the day. Snorkeling and safety equipment are also provided. Other activities and equipment (ie Kayaking, snorkel boards etc) can be provided on request. Dive sites visited depends on the conditions and the numbers and experience of other guests. Specific dive sites cannot be guaranteed prior to our arrival at Apo. Guests can be dropped off on Apo Island and picked up later for those wishing to explore the Island.

Scuba Diving Underwater Photography Dauin Dumaguete

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