Fluorescent Night Diving

We are very fortunate to have an abundance of beautiful hard corals on our house Reef that allows us to conduct Fluorescent or Fluro Night Dives and even Fluro Night Snorkels in the right conditions.

Fluorescence night diving is also referred to as fluro diving or glow diving. Fluorescence absorbs high-energy light and  re-emits it as low-energy light. This is different from phosphorescence which has the capability to store light and re-emit it over a longer period of time.

When glow diving, UV flashlights and lens filters for your mask enhance the stunning colors and unbelievable beauty of the underwater world. All of the critters and corals that you swam past earlier will be worth a second look as they glow in hues of pink, green or blue.

Fluro dives are conducted especially as organised night dives from the resort on our house reef. They must be booked in advance. Special fees are charged for rental of specialist equipment for fluro night dives. 

Scuba Diving Underwater Photography Dauin Dumaguete

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