House Reef Diving

We have the best diving on the Negros Coast right on our doorstep. Large patches of beautiful Staghorn Corals, a vast coral reef, and vast sea grass beds that house large numbers of Turtles, make our House Reef a great dive site worth visiting again and again. We have all the typical critters that are experienced at  muck diving sites along with a greater density of fish life found even at Apo island. Our incredible house reef is great for macro and wide Angle photography. We have two separate reefs separated by our Turtle Sanctuary Area. Information on our two Reefs, Diamante North and South here.

Divers can dive our House Reef at their leisure. Our well appointed Resort and Dive Shop provides all the requirements for comfortable and convenient diving. Dive at your leisure and relax at the resort between dives. 


Divers who do not meet our criteria for solo diving must be accompanied by a buddy or guide. As the House Reef is a Protected Marine Park Area, strict rules and Sanctuary Fees apply.

Join the Scubaroos dive club for great discounts on house reef diving. More information here.

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