U/W Photography Services

We are very passionate underwater photographers that know what you want. We have world class critter guides and the facilities to make your photography diving pleasurable, rewarding, and satisfying.

We have a world renowned photographer Troy Mayne, both professional photographer, photojournalist, and author that can provide advice, instruction, and expertise to ensure you get the best photographic opportunities out of your experience with us.

We can provide you with unique 1 on 1 photography courses or sign up for Troy's Photo clinics that will help to get you to the professional level of photography or just simply improve your skills to enjoy your photography even more.

We can Also provide a personal Photographer to record your experience with us. More Information can be found here.

Click on the Oceanic Imagery link below to see Troy's website or gallery of his work here.

Scuba Diving, Underwater Photography Dauin Dumaguete

Scuba Diving Underwater Photography Dauin Dumaguete

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