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Want to shoot like a pro? One would expect you would need to learn from a pro. There are many "Professional Photographers" out there running courses that really are not. It's not just about being a good photographer, it's also about the ability to impart the knowledge as well.  Troy has been teaching most of his life, from Cadets as a child, through the Army, Diving, Adventure Training, First Aid, and Photography. 

Troy taught underwater photographers who were living off their Photography for years. He can teach you how to take great photos and how to live off them. If you do not want to be a professional but take great Photos, this clinic is also for you. The Clinic is 7 days long ,all included and very intensive. It covers all types of Underwater Photography, all types of skills and situations, and equipment.

Techniques and skills covered include the following,

 Light and Photography

Photography- setting up the shot

Macro Photography Techniques




Night Diving Photography

Fish Portraiture

Mid range lenses

Basic Wide angle Photography


 Natural light techniques

Critter Hunting

Wide angle Adv (composition)

Close Focus Wide angle techniques

Post Processing

Fisheye Photography

Sunburst photography

Double Exposure/Image Overlay

Back Lighting

Snoot Photography

Natural Light wide angle Techniques

Models in Photography



Shooting for magazines/media

Zoom and Motion Blurrs

Shooting for Photo Competions

Split level techniques

Fisheye Macro Techniques


Course Synopsis

Course Structure

Scuba Diving Underwater Photography Dauin Dumaguete

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