Whale Shark Trips

Whale Sharks are not just the largest fish in the sea but one of the most graceful. Swimming with whale sharks is one of the greatest animal encounters one can have. We are fortunate to be just 90 minutes traveling time from where these amazing creatures congregate at Oslob in Cebu Island. Guests can choose to dive or snorkel with their encounter with these majestic gentle giants.

We generally travel by vehicle to Oslob via vehicle ferry from Sibulan to Cebu then to Oslob. Trips can be organised with larger groups by boat, combined with diving at Sumilon Island.

Trips by vehicle generally depart at 5am and return by midday. Interactions are for 30 minutes snorkeling.Guests are paddled out by boat to the interaction zones about 50m from shore. Snorkeling equipment is provided and included in the interaction fees. All fee's are payable to the Oslob Officials in Oslob.

There is much contention of the validity of the Whale Shark Interactions at Oslob. Some believe that it is taking advantage of the Whale Sharks and exploiting them, whilst not protecting them or even causing harm. It is widely agreed that the experience is definitely not managed correctly, it is also agreed that any interaction is going to have some impact. The degree of that impact is widely contested.

We believe that whilst there is impact and behaviours are modified, that the overall benefit to the local community in Oslob and the wider benefit to the oceans through education, awareness, and    , is mostly positive could be worth the impact that is experienced. Considering that a few short years ago, whale sharks were caught and eaten and now they are protected, We believe supports the experience. 

In our experiences there, the impact has been minimal. Discussions with Marine Biologists working as NGO's observing the feeds detail minimal impacts on whale sharks, although they believe there is much room for improvement in management systems, all those we have spoken to have supported the interactions.

The Whale Sharks are not caged and have the ability to swim away at anytime if they are stressed. We have not seen, nor heard, nor believe that animals are actually harmed at the site. No propeller driven craft are allowed within the interaction zone. They are more likely to be harmed anywhere else along the coast than at Oslob.


We believe that if you do not believe in it, don't go. We facilitate travel to and from the interactionstrips, we are not responsible for the conduct of the interactions nor the policy and procedures, as this is conducted by the Municipality of Oslob.

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